About Us


Winner, Best of State 2009

We deliver success.

Exoro ("ek-SOAR-oh") = Latin: to prevail through persuasion

Our clients understand their organizations. They know how to define success, and they usually know what's required to reach it. Nevertheless, from time to time business, government and nonprofit organizations face complex challenges that require help from communications professionals - specialists who stay on top of the constant changes in media and Utah politics.

Led by LaVarr Webb and Maura Carabello, the Exoro team combines decades of experience working on private and public sector projects and political campaigns with a systematic problem-solving approach known as Strategic Communications Methodology. Using this comprehensive methodology, we work with clients to identify a target audience and then determine the timing, messaging, and marketing strategies that will connect with that audience. The end result? The definition of success the client had in mind.

Among Utah communications firms, Exoro is unique because we specialize in public policy communications. We are the proud publishers of the Utah State Legislative Guide, a resource that reflects our longstanding relationship with Utah politics.